Corporate and social Support

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.
— Abraham Lincoln

The word responsibility is a huge one, and with it comes the weight of accountability and care. These are vitally important to us and we take them very seriously. We believe that we all have a responsibility to care for those more vulnerable and less fortunate than ourselves, and especially for children, both in the UK and internationally, who deserve a brighter and more positive future. The active support of the welfare and education of children is the keystone to a rapidly changing world - they are the future. Let's help them build it.

We believe that acting with ethical integrity, honesty and transparency are vital to building positive and forward-looking relationships with the organisations we work alongside, the communities we work for and the individuals who support our work. 

We do what we do because we care, and we know you do too. 

There are lots of ways that your company can support the work we do, from financial donations to event sponsorship. We can help get your staff involved in the partnership too through fundraising, volunteering and support for our campaigns. These can prove to be incredibly positive, unifying and bonding experiences. 


So how could you help?

  • Financial donation - this can be a very powerful and positive social investment tool, not only for your company but for the children it will help. This could be an ongoing, regular pledge of support or a one off donation. We are very visible on a variety of social media platforms and your company would be exceptionally well represented and appreciated. By showing you are aware, you show you care. 
  • Corporate gifting - perhaps you have a product you would like to gift which would have a direct benefit to the children we support, or the volunteers who make these things happen. From mosquito nets, baby cream, pencils, baby formula, children's clothes to school stationary - the possibilities are endless. 
  • Your voice - as a large corporation you have the ability to project much further than we can! By visibly supporting one of our campaigns or build projects, you can help us to fundraise, raise awareness and show support - this will make the world of difference to the children who need it the most. 
  • Fundraising - from boot camps to bake sales, from bingo to bungee jumps - anything goes! It is a fun way of getting everyone involved in a motivational and pragmatic way. You could even pledge to match each pound raised to add to your employees incentive!
  • Events - by organising a company social event in the name of our charity you provide an opportunity for your people to network, have fun and raise money all at the same time. There are so many ways in which your annual company dinner could help raise money through raffles, auctions, donating a pound on the door or signature cocktails served by the CEO!  We would be happy to discuss how we could also help represent the charity on the night. 

If you would like to chat about ways in which your company or organisation could support the work of Worldwide Action then please do not hesitate to contact us.